GSM alert to excessive temperature in a cooling box or a warehouse.
  • Non-stop temperature monitoring in storage areas
  • Protection against spoilage (pharmaceuticals, frozen or refrigerated food)
  • Excessive temperature alert is sent as a text message
  • SMS followed by a ring to make sure it is not overlooked
IP thermometer with a web GUI that monitors servers or disk arrays for overheating or A/C failures.
  • Non-stop temperature monitoring for IT equipment
  • Alerts to air-conditioning failures
  • Alert e-mails can be filtered and processed according to device and sensor names
  • Humidity sensor can be added
  • Simple installation
  • Supports SNMP and e-mail
Environment monitoring (temperature and humidity) with alerting over both e-mail and SMS. Designed for monitoring critical technology with the option to warn the operator by a text message.
  •  Alerting over IP (E-mail and SNMP) and GSM (SMS)
  • SMS alerts do not need a functioning IP network, only power and GSM coverage
  • Reliable and redundant solution for non-stop monitoring of IT technology
  • Monitors temperature / humidity – supports up to 5 sensors
  • Supports SNMP and SNMP traps
Temperature monitoring at locations without an IP network. Compact solution for monitoring food or pharmaceuticals storages, refrigeration boxes or refrigerated vehicles.
  • Only power supply and GSM/GPRS coverage are needed
  • Alert to excessive temperature by SMS and ringing the mobile
  • Alert to out-of-range temperature is sent by e-mail over GPRS
  • Temperature logging at specified intervals
  • Logged values are periodically e-mailed