Alert to overheating over IP and GSM

Environment monitoring (temperature and humidity) with alerting over both e-mail and SMS. Designed for monitoring critical technology with the option to warn the operator by a text message.
  • Alerting over IP (E-mail and SNMP) and GSM (SMS).
  • SMS alerts do not need a functioning IP network, only power and GSM coverage.
  • Reliable and redundant solution for non-stop monitoring of IT technology
  • Monitors temperature / humidity – supports up to 5 sensors
  • Temperature measurement range: -20°C to +85°C, up to 5 sensors per unit
  • Supports SNMP and SNMP traps
  • WEB interface for temperature monitoring, support for remote configuration and checking over an IP network
  • Sensor and device names can be customized so that the resulting e-mail clearly identifies the alarm location
  • Supplied together with the HWg-PDMS software for temperature monitoring, graphing, and exporting data to MS Excel
  • Supports SNMP (Plug-ins for Nagios, Cacti. SNMP MIB for HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Zabbix, The Dude, Paessler, Ipswitch WhatsUp, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, Intellipool NM, MSC Operations Manager 2007)

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