Temperature monitoring and logging at remote locations over GPRS

Temperature monitoring at locations without an IP network. Compact solution for monitoring food or pharmaceuticals storages, refrigeration boxes or refrigerated vehicles.
  • Only power supply and GSM/GPRS coverage are needed
  • Alert to excessive temperature by SMS and ringing the mobile
  • Alert to out-of-range temperature is sent by e-mail over GPRS
  • Temperature logging at specified intervals
  • Logged values are periodically e-mailed
  • Temperature measurement range: -30°C - +125°C, resolution: ± 0.01°C
  • Simple installation
  • Sensor and device names can be customized to make the text messages clear. Even a short message clearly indicates the problem.
  • Single 12VDC power adapter for the device and the sensors.
  • Configuration and checking over a mobile phone
  • The device works autonomously without a PC, as long as GSM signal is available
  • HWg-Tg11 can send a SMS warning to the owner of the premises and, at the same time, send an e-mail alert to a central monitoring desk.
  • The log file is sent as an e-mail attachment

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